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Use this table to ensure all aspects of the painting project meet agreed-upon quality standards. Mark each item as "Pass" or "Fail." Document any issues requiring correction in the "Notes" section.

Category Description Pass/Fail Notes
Preparation Walls, ceilings, and trim free of dust, dirt, cobwebs, and other debris.    
  Floors and furniture adequately protected with drop cloths or plastic sheeting.    
  Lead paint testing conducted (pre-1978 structures) and proper abatement procedures followed (if applicable). Not Applicable/Pass/Fail  
Painting Application Clean lines and no paint bleeding around trim, moldings, and ceilings.    
  Consistent, even paint application with no missed spots, streaks, or drips.    
  Required number of paint coats applied as specified in the contract.    
  Adequate drying time allowed between coats to prevent peeling or cracking.    
Finish & Cleanup Smooth, uniform finish free of brush marks, roller marks, or imperfections.    
  Any minor imperfections or missed spots have been touched up and blend seamlessly.    
  Work area is clean and free of paint splatters, debris, or leftover materials.    
Final Inspection Conducted a final walk-through with the client to address any concerns.    
  Client has reviewed the completed work and provided written approval.    
Additional Notes      


This checklist is a general guide and may need to be adapted based on the specific project requirements and client specifications.