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- Wall/Ceiling Cleaning Labor to clean walls and ceilings before painting. $[Price per hour] [Number of hours] $[Total Cost]
- Furniture Protection Covering furniture and belongings with drop cloths. $[Flat Fee] 1 $[Flat Fee]
(Add additional preparation services as needed)        
- Interior Painting (Living Room) Two coats of high-quality paint on living room walls and trim. $[Price per square foot] [Square footage] $[Total Cost]
(Add additional painting services for each room/area)        
- Exterior Painting (Main House) Two coats of premium exterior paint on the entire main house. $[Price per square foot] [Square footage] $[Total Cost]
(Add additional exterior painting services as needed)        
- Removal of Drop Cloths Removing drop cloths and cleaning up work area. $[Flat Fee] 1 $[Flat Fee]
(Add additional cleanup services as needed)        
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