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Customer Information:

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Property Information:

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  • Property Type: [House, Apartment, Commercial Building, etc.]

Service Details:

Category Description
Type of Service [General Pest Control, Termite Control, Bed Bug Elimination, etc.]
Pest(s) Identified [List specific pests identified during inspection]
Areas Treated  
* [List specific areas of the property treated, e.g., kitchen, basement, perimeter of house]
* [List specific areas of the property treated]
* [List specific areas of the property treated]
Treatment Method(s)  
* [Describe the specific methods used for treatment for identified pest(s), e.g., bait stations for ants]
* [Describe additional treatment methods used, if applicable]
* [Describe additional treatment methods used, if applicable]
Products Used  
* [List specific pesticides or products used in the treatment for identified pest(s)]
* [List additional pesticides or products used, if applicable]
* [List additional pesticides or products used, if applicable]

Follow-Up Recommendations:

  • [List any recommendations for the client to help prevent future pest problems, e.g., sealing cracks, removing clutter, storing food properly.]
  • [Schedule date for next service (if applicable)]

Technician Information:

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Additional Notes:

  • Use this space to document any additional observations, notes from the customer, or details relevant to the service call.
  • You may also want to include a section for before and after pictures (if applicable).

Benefits of Using a Service Ticket:

  • Provides a clear record of each service call for both the company and the client.
  • Documents the pest problems identified, treatment methods used, and follow-up recommendations.
  • Helps ensure clear communication between technicians and clients.
  • Serves as evidence of services rendered in case of any disputes.