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    • Complete this form for each pesticide product used by your business.
    • Maintain this document in a safe and accessible location.
    • Update this document regularly as inventory levels change or new products are added.

Chemical Information:

  • Product Name: (Brand name of the pesticide product)
  • EPA Registration Number: (Unique identifier assigned by the Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Active Ingredient(s): (List the main active ingredients and their percentages)

Inventory Details:

  • Quantity on Hand: (Total amount of the product currently in stock)
  • Unit of Measure: (e.g., gallons, pounds)
  • Storage Location(s): (Specify where the product is stored, including building and room number)
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Location: (Indicate where the SDS for this product is located)

Disposal Information:

  • Disposal Method: (Indicate the recommended disposal method for this product and its container, based on the SDS)
  • Disposal Company (if applicable): (Name of a licensed hazardous waste disposal company, if used)

Additional Information:

  • Date Purchased: (Date the product was purchased)
  • Expiration Date (if applicable): (Date the product expires and should no longer be used)
  • Notes: (Use this section for any additional information about the product, e.g., mixing instructions, specific use restrictions)

Benefits of Maintaining a Chemical Inventory:

  • Ensures compliance with regulations regarding pesticide storage and disposal (USA)
  • Helps track inventory levels and avoid running out of critical products
  • Simplifies annual reporting requirements
  • Provides easy access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for employee training and reference
  • Promotes safe handling and disposal practices for pesticides


  • It's important to refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each pesticide product for specific storage, handling, and disposal instructions.
  • Train all employees on the proper use and handling of pesticides, including familiarization with the chemical inventory and disposal procedures.

By maintaining a detailed chemical inventory, you can ensure your pest control business operates safely, responsibly, and in compliance with all applicable regulations.