Company Name: [Your Business Name]

Product Name: [Name of Pesticide Product]

Manufacturer: [Manufacturer of the Pesticide Product]

EPA Registration Number: [US Environmental Protection Agency Registration Number]

Date: [Date] (This is the date you created this summary, not the SDS date)

Summary of Key Information:

Section Information
1. Identification  
* Chemical Name(s) [List active ingredients]
* Other Names [List common or trade names]
2. Hazard(s) Identification  
* GHS Classification [List GHS classification]
* Hazard Statements [Summarize key hazard statements]
* Precautionary Statements [Summarize key precautionary statements]
3. Composition/Information on Ingredients  
* List of Ingredients [List main ingredients with percentages]
4. First-Aid Measures  
* Inhalation [Summarize first-aid measures]
* Skin Contact [Summarize first-aid measures]
* Eye Contact [Summarize first-aid measures]
* Ingestion [Summarize first-aid measures]
5. Fire-Fighting Measures  
* Suitable Extinguishing Media [List appropriate methods]
* Special Hazards Arising from the Substance or Mixture [Summarize potential fire hazards]
* Special Protective Equipment and Precautions for Fire-Fighters [Summarize recommended PPE]
6. Accidental Release Measures  
* Personal Precautions, Protective Equipment, and Emergency Procedures [Summarize precautions and PPE]
* Environmental Precautions [Summarize environmental precautions]
* Methods and Materials for Containment and Cleaning Up [Summarize proper spill clean-up procedures]
7. Handling and Storage  
* Precautions for Safe Handling [Summarize safe handling practices]
* Conditions for Safe Storage [Summarize proper storage requirements]
8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection  
* Occupational Exposure Limits [List any applicable limits]
* Appropriate Engineering Controls [Summarize recommended engineering controls]
* Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) [List required PPE]
9. Physical and Chemical Properties [Summarize key properties, e.g., appearance, odor]
10. Stability and Reactivity  
* Reactivity [Summarize potential reactivity hazards]
* Chemical Stability [Summarize chemical stability]
14. Transport Information (if applicable)
* UN Number [UN identification number]
* UN Proper Shipping Name [Proper shipping name]
* Transport Hazard Class(es) [Hazard class for transportation]
* Packing Group [Packing group for transportation]
* Environmental Hazards [Indicate if applicable]
15. Regulatory Information [Summarize key US federal regulations]
16. Other Information (if applicable)
* NFPA Rating [List NFPA rating]
* HMIS Rating [List HMIS rating]

Section 11 (Toxicological Information) and Section 12 (Ecological Information) typically contain detailed scientific data and should be reviewed in the original SDS by qualified personnel.

Section 13 (Disposal Considerations) should be reviewed in the original SDS for proper disposal methods.

Remember: This template is a summary and does not replace the original Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Always refer to the manufacturer's SDS for complete and up-to-date safety information for each pesticide product you use.