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Customer Information:

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Project Information:

  • Project Description: Briefly describe the project scope (e.g., installation of new air conditioning system, furnace replacement).
  • Existing System: Describe the existing HVAC system (type, age, brand, model - if applicable).
  • Desired System: Describe the desired HVAC system (type, capacity, features - if applicable).
  • Number of Floors:
  • Square Footage of Home/Building:

Estimate/Quote Details:

  • Equipment Costs:
    • Itemize the cost of each major equipment component (e.g., air conditioner unit, furnace, thermostat).
    • Include options for different equipment models or capacities if applicable.
  • Labor Costs:
    • Outline the estimated labor cost for installation, including breakdown of hourly rates or a flat fee (if applicable).
  • Material Costs:
    • Briefly list any additional materials needed for the installation (e.g., ductwork, refrigerant lines).
  • Permit Fees (if applicable):
    • Include estimated costs for any required permits.
  • Total Estimated Cost:
    • Clearly display the total estimated cost for the project.

Additional Information:

  • Timeline:
    • Provide an estimated timeframe for project completion.
  • Payment Terms:
    • Outline your payment schedule, including deposit amount and due dates.
  • Warranties:
    • Briefly explain the warranties offered on equipment and labor.
  • Next Steps:
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