[Your Business Name] Inventory Management

This form helps track your stock of tools, parts, and materials used for handyman services. Regular inventory checks ensure you have what you need to complete jobs efficiently and avoid delays.


  1. Complete the form initially to record your starting inventory.
  2. Update the form after each job or purchase to reflect changes in stock levels.
  3. Use the "Reorder Point" column to identify items needing restocking to maintain adequate supplies.
Inventory Item Description Starting Quantity Unit Price Current Quantity Reorder Point Notes
Screwdriver (Phillips) Standard size          
Hammer Claw hammer 16 oz          
Nails (assorted) Box of 100 (various sizes)          
Tape measure 25 ft. retractable          
Plumber's wrench Adjustable 12 inch          
Additional Information
  • Location: Indicate where each item is typically stored (e.g., toolbox, supply closet).
  • Supplier Information: Maintain a separate list with contact details for frequently used suppliers.
  • Special Instructions: Use the "Notes" section for specific storage requirements or other relevant details.

Benefits of Using an Inventory Management Form:

  • Improved job efficiency by ensuring you have necessary supplies on hand.
  • Reduced costs by avoiding impulse purchases and minimizing waste.
  • Better budgeting by allowing you to forecast future material needs.
  • Reduced lead times by identifying items needing to be reordered in advance.