Homejoy Handyman*
Home Heroes Needed

 * handywomen too, if able to complete the work!

We are seeking 3 main categories:

  1. Self employed handyman / handyperson who wants more job assignments, or contractor with a very small team. 
  2. Retirees with experience (example: Retired Plumber or retired electrician) for occasional extra money, on frankly mostly smaller jobs, and optionally with an apprentice who's physically able to carry things & help. If you have video-chat, we may also have tele-work (video advice to homeowners) consulting for you.
  3. Trainees / Apprentices - to help on larger jobs or learn from an expert; no experience is required but physical capabilities such as being able to lift 50 lbs, use a ladder, and safe use of power tools is required. Bonus if you're good with legos - we get client projects assembling furniture, building a doghouse, etc.


Our primary target marketing is for smaller odd-job & home maintenance projects.



Do you love a challenge and take pride in a job well done? 

Are you a master of fixing, assembling, and maintaining?

If so, Homejoy Handyman wants you!

Homejoy is looking for a skilled and reliable Handyman to join our growing team. You'll be the hero of homes in the Charleston area, tackling a variety of tasks for our luxury and upper-middle-class homeowner clientele, as well as some small businesses. We may also have similar work for other brands, such as occasional in-home senior care needs.

What's Required? 

  • Solve a wide range of maintenance and repair requests: think leaky faucets, creaky doors, furniture assembly, and more!
  • Utilize your carpentry, plumbing, electrical (basic), and painting skills (and more!) to tackle projects efficiently and safely. Sheetrock repair, paint touchup, broken drawer slides will be daily needs.
  • Maintain a professional and courteous demeanor while working in luxury to middle class homes. Small business facilities maintenance is not a target of ours, but may occur on occasion.
  • Communicate clearly with homeowners and ensure their complete satisfaction, including any risks.
  • Follow all safety protocols and maintain a clean and organized work area.
  • Honesty, clear communication, can-do attitude. Treat the client as if they were your mom.
  • Typical contractor tools. Specialized tools are not required generally, but on rare occasion may need to be rented.
  • A vehicle that is not embarassing to the neighborhood - appearances matter. Example a pickup truck or van suitable for hauling basics (think replacing a chandelier or door, hanging a TV).

Why Homejoy?

  • Competitive pay: $38 - $62+ per hour based on experience, area, overrides on referrals you've made. Apprentices start from $18/hour.
  • Be your own boss - flexible schedule you set. You'll have your own scheduler.
  • Opportunity to work in beautiful homes, often inside air conditioning (a luxury in August!) for many projects, but not all.
  • Varied and challenging work environment, no two days are the same!
  • Be part of a supportive and growing team.
  • Opportunity to build a team and/or earn overrides and/or referral income for other home services (example: earn on-going referral revenue for maid / cleaning, lawn care - and they'll also sell for you)

Do you have what it takes?

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in handyman services or related field (for primary handyman "account owner").
  • Strong carpentry, plumbing (basic), electrical (basic), and painting skills. We need handy all-rounders who know a lot about home improvement & home repair, including when to refer the task to a specialist, and / or when licensed pros with separate insurance is required (example: electrical junction box work).
  • A keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality work.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Valid driver's license, reliable transportation, and ability to pass a basic background check.
  • Must be self-motivated, organized, and able to work independently.


  • Earn more with our PRO Handyman Status by adding vehicle branding! Get higher payouts, job / client priority assignment choices, increased backend support and more earning potential.
  • Earn bonus money for 5 star reviews & happy clients!
  • Earn on-going passive income for referring other home services.
  • Earn more $ by referring clients to Homejoy.


Ready to join the Homejoy team?


Name:   Phone:  Email:

Home Address*: Unit # Zip:
Note: If approved to work, you will be able to change your "Home Base" from which we calculate distance. We want to keep driving distance reasonable, but if you have a neighborhood you target that is not where you live, that's ok. We can try to cluster jobs together by area.

Tell us about yourself! Here's your chance to brag a bit, but be honest - we check work. What are you good at?

What are you not as good at, and we can reassign those job types? Also you can include here stuff you're capable of, but don't want to do.

What's a project you're most proud of?

Have any social media we can see? website, instagram, photos of work online - anything?

Vehicle Make, Model, Year*

Do you have experience with any of the following?



I am legally able to work in my home-base region.
I have a current driver's license and insurance, and am able to get to job sites.
My vehicle is capable of moving common houshold job-items such as shelving, a chandelier, or a 2x4 stud.
I am capable of using ladders and lifting 50 lbs safely.
I have a smart phone and/or tablet from which to manage client assignments and cellular data plan.

All the above is true & correct:


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this W2 Full Time?

Did someone call us Uber for Handymen? Yes.

How much can I earn?

Do I need specific skills?

I am already a handyman. Why will working with homejoy make me MORE money, not less?

"Handyman" definitely includes women! "Handyman" is shorthand for a handy person capable of basic repairs & upgrades; women are encouraged to apply if having the applicable skills and interest, and physical strength to do the job. 

*Homejoy is an equal opportunity employer. Veterans encouraged to apply. Nosotros hablamos español. Background checks may be required for certain roles, but records may or may not disqualify applicants from a role based on details.