Paintball Liability Waiver Form

Participant Agreement, Release, and Acknowledgement of Risk

Participant Information:

Full Name: [FULL NAME]
Date of Birth: [DATE OF BIRTH]

Understanding of Risks

I, [FULL NAME], understand and acknowledge the following:

  1. Potential Dangers: Paintball is a physically demanding sport that involves various risks and hazards, such as bruises, welts, serious injury, and, in rare cases, death.
  2. Assumption of Risks: I willingly choose to participate in paintball activities fully aware of these risks. I accept and assume all responsibility for injuries, damages, or losses that I might incur.
  3. Equipment and Safety: I have been briefed on and understand the safe use of paintball equipment. I will comply with all safety guidelines and instructions given by the staff at [PAINTBALL COMPANY NAME].

Liability Release

I hereby release [PAINTBALL COMPANY NAME], its agents, staff, and other players from any claims, liabilities, or demands resulting from any injuries, damages, or losses sustained during my participation in paintball activities.

For Participants Under 18 Years of Age

If the participant is under 18 years of age, this form must be read and signed by a parent or guardian.

I, [PARENT/GUARDIAN FULL NAME], as the parent or guardian of the above-named minor, have read and understood this liability waiver form and consent to all terms and conditions on behalf of my child.

Participant Signature and Contact Information

Participant is Age 18.

Name: Mobile Phone: Email:


Full Name: ____________________________
Phone: ____________________________
Email: ____________________________
Signature: ____________________________ Date: __________
Emergency Contact Name: ____________________________
Emergency Contact Phone: ____________________________

For Participants Under 18:

Parent/Guardian Name: ____________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________ Date: __________

*Note: This Paintball Liability Waiver Form is intended as a guideline and may not be legally enforceable in all jurisdictions. Consultation with a legal expert in your jurisdiction is strongly recommended to ensure compliance with local laws.