This Commission Agreement (hereafter referred to as the "Agreement") is effective as of [Date].

Between: Principal: [Principal Name] (referred to as the "Principal"), with its registered office at [Address], registered under [Registration Number].

Agent: [Agent Name] (referred to as the "Agent"), with its registered office at [Address].

In consideration of the mutual agreements and stipulations outlined below, the Principal and the Agent hereby agree as follows:

PERFORMANCE OF DUTIES The Agent agrees to dedicate their complete attention and working hours to fulfilling the duties assigned and carrying out the business affairs of the Principal effectively and responsibly as directed by the Principal's management.

The Principal does not intend to assign tasks outside the customary scope of the Agent's position. However, the Principal reserves the right to adjust the Agent's role and responsibilities, including promotions or realignments of duties.

Any changes to the Agent's compensation or duties will be determined by the Principal.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES The Agent's duties and responsibilities are as follows:




COMPENSATION & BENEFITS The Agent will receive a base compensation of [Amount] per [Period], paid via direct deposit. Salary reviews and potential increases will be evaluated as deemed appropriate by the Principal.

The pay schedule is as follows:

(i) Weekly: Issued at the end of each workweek. (ii) Bi-Weekly: Issued every two weeks. (iii) Monthly: Issued at the end of each month.

The Agent is entitled to one week of paid leave annually, equivalent to a standard 40-hour workweek, following termination of employment.

Additionally, the Agent will be eligible for benefits offered to employees in similar roles.

COMMISSION PAYOUTS In addition to the base salary, the Principal shall pay the Agent a percentage commission on each sale generated by the Agent.

Commission payments are calculated monthly and become due when the Principal delivers products or services to the customer.

Commission earned in a given month will be paid to the Agent in the following month.

(a) Commissions will be issued on the first of each month. (b) Each commission payment will include a documented calculation.

The Principal reserves the right to adjust commission rates for additional sales at the discretion of the Revenue Executive.

Commission payments will continue as long as the Agent remains employed by the Principal and continues to contribute to the growth and management of the client base.

If the Agreement is terminated or the Agent passes away, commission payments will cease. However, any commissions earned but not yet paid at the time of termination or death will be settled according to company policies.

ELIGIBILITY FOR COMMISSIONS AND BONUSES The Agent must remain employed in the designated role to be eligible for commissions.

Resignation or transfer will result in the loss of eligibility for commission payments effective on the date of resignation or transfer.

The Agent is responsible for ensuring signed contracts are in place before goods or services are provided.

To maintain employment, the Agent must consistently meet performance standards, including quotas and high-quality customer service.

Agents paid on a commission basis are not eligible to participate in profit-sharing plans, if applicable.

Company compensation programs and commission structures may be adjusted annually based on business goals and financial performance.

CONFIDENTIALITY The Agent agrees not to disclose, share, or use any confidential information obtained during their employment for personal gain or other purposes without explicit authorization.

NON-WAIVER Failure by either party to enforce any provision of this Agreement does not constitute a waiver of their rights.

MODIFICATION OR TERMINATION This Agreement may only be modified or terminated through mutual written consent by both parties. Any modifications must specify the start and end dates.

SEVERABILITY Should any provision be found invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the Agreement will continue to be valid and enforceable.

SIGNATURES In witness whereof, the Principal and Agent have executed this Agreement as of the date first mentioned.

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Name: _______________
Date: _______________

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