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Cleaning Service Client Intake Contract Template Template

Cleaning Service Client Intake Contract Template - free template, though you'll need SwiftCloud eSign (free trial!) to use it. Start Your cleaning business toda

Dog Walking New Client Intake Form Template Template

Dog Walking New Client Intake Form Template with eSign, Payment, and scheduling; this is by weekly subscription

Tutor Intake and Contract Template Template

Tutor Signup & Contract Intake Template with E-sign and scheduling for monthly subscription Home Tuition Jobs. Start your one-to-one tutoring career today!

Cleaning Service Subscription Payment Authorization Form Template

subscription billing for your cleaning service with this customizable Payment Authorization Form Template. Includes credit card authorization.

Cleaning Service Quotation/Estimate Template Template

Expertly crafted Cleaning Quotation Template. Impress clients with detailed estimates, streamline payment processes, and safeguard your business.

Custom Design Proposal Form Template

Elevate your lighting business with our customizable Design Proposal template. Tailored for Christmas, holiday, and event lighting services.

Lighting Maintenance Plan Form Template

Enhance your lighting business with our customizable Maintenance Plan template. Tailored for Christmas, holiday, and event lighting services

Equipment Maintenance Log Template for Lawn Care Service Template

Keep your lawn mowers, trimmers & edgers running smoothly all season long. This downloadable template streamlines equipment maintenance and storage.

Funeral Service General Price List Template Template

Empower informed decisions during a difficult time. Download our Funeral Service General Price List Template to clearly showcase your services and pricing

Pre-Need Funeral Contract Template Template

Pre-Need Funeral Contract Template: Compliant, customizable, and comprehensive. Offer pre-need funeral planning services with confidence. Download now!

Funeral Service Agreement Template Template

Funeral Service Agreement Template: Compliant, customizable, and comprehensive. Define funeral service terms, costs, and payment arrangements. Download now!

Disposition Authorization Template Template

Disposition Authorization Template for your loved ones. This template will provide complete details regarding Disposition.

Funeral Services Business Plan Template Template

A Funeral Business Plan Template provides a strategic roadmap for funeral home owners and entrepreneurs. It outlines business goals, financial projections.

Employee Contracts and Agreements Template Template

A Senior Care Service Contract and Agreement Template is a legal document that outlines the terms of employment for caregivers providing services to elderly.

Client Care and Agreement Template Template

A Client Care and Agreement Template outlines the terms of engagement between caregivers and clients in senior care services. It covers services, fees.

Senior Care Services Liability Waiver Template Template

Protect your senior care business with a comprehensive Liability Waiver Template. This easy-to-use template helps mitigate legal risks.

Senior Care Services Privacy Policy Template Template

Safeguard client privacy and your senior care business with this clear Privacy Policy Template. Ensure HIPAA compliance, data security, and client transparency

Painting Business Plan for [Your Company Name] Template Template

“Craft a winning Painting Business Plan with our template. Learn how to start your residential and commercial painting venture, attract clients.

Employee Hiring Agreement for [Your Company Name] Template Template

Craft a solid Employee Hiring Agreement with our customizable template. Define roles, responsibilities, and liability waivers for your painting business.

Invoice Template for Painting Services Template

Streamline your billing process with our free, downloadable painting invoice template! easily break down services, materials, and costs for a invoice client.

HVAC Business Plan Template Template

Our HVAC business plan template provides step-by-step guidance for startups. Optimize your website, attract leads, and succeed in the competitive HVAC industry.

HVAC Contractor Agreement Template Template

Download our FREE, best-practice HVAC Contractor Agreement Template to protect your business and your clients.

HVAC Service Agreement Template Template

Secure peace of mind with our FREE HVAC service agreement template! Ensure your HVAC system receives regular maintenance and priority service

HVAC Employee Intake Document Template Template

Streamline your new hire onboarding process! Download our FREE HVAC employee intake form to collect essential information, acknowledge company rules.

Work Completion Sign-Off Template Template

Client Sign-off Forms template These might include forms for clients to sign off on completed work.

HVAC Permit Application Template Template

Avoid permit delays! Download our FREE HVAC permit application template to streamline the process for your next installation or modification project.

HVAC Supplier Contract Template Template

Secure reliable equipment & materials! Download our FREE HVAC supplier contract template to establish clear terms for pricing, delivery, warranties

HVAC Subcontractor Agreement Template Template

Download our FREE HVAC subcontractor agreement template outlining service details, payment terms, warranties, and protect your business.

HVAC Customer Liability Waiver Template Template

Download our FREE HVAC customer liability waiver template outlining inherent risks & customer responsibilities. Mitigate potential issues & prioritize safety.

Best Practices Accounting Services Agreement Template

Accounting partnership with a free, downloadable agreement contract. This comprehensive contract covers key terms like services, fees, confidentiality.

Agency Agreement Template

agency agreement for agency agent services with this best-practices agreement. Includes agent accountability, commission, appointment, scope of authority.

Bookkeeping Service Agreement Template

Bookkeeping agreement template. This comprehensive template covers key terms like services, fees, confidentiality, and payment options (hourly, monthly retainer


Customize your catering contract with essential clauses such as payment terms, cancellation policy, and indemnities.


coaching agreement.This contract outlines important terms such as goals, methods, confidentiality, and more for a successful coaching experience.


omprehensive Commission Agreement. Designed for Principal-Agent partnerships, it outlines responsibilities, compensation, commission payouts.


Safeguard your business information with Confidentiality Agreement. It has protection of confidential information, return of information, unauthorized disclosur


Construction Contractor Agreement. t includes project details, list of services, breakdown of payments, and other important terms to protect both parties.


Contractor Agreement includes sections on services, compensation, confidentiality, intellectual property, termination, and more.


Secure your next DJ gig with a professional contract. This covers all event types, including weddings, corporate events & parties.

Employment Agreement Template

Employment services contact and agreement covers essential terms like job duties, compensation, confidentiality, and more.

Event Planning Agreement Template

Event Planning Agreement safeguards both you and your planner. covers key aspects like planner tasks, compensation, cancellation policies,

Graphic Design Agreement Template

Graphic Design Agreement that services, revisions, payment terms, scheduling, and more. Customize it for your design business!

Indemnification Agreement Template

Indemnification agreement covers indemnification obligations, defense procedures, and more. Customize it for your specific needs!

Independent Contractor Agreement Template

Independent Contractor Agreement that covers covers essential aspects like services, compensation, confidentiality, and more.

Intellectual Property Agreement Template

Intellectual Property Agreement that covers assignment of rights (or licensing options), representations and warranties, confidentiality obligations etc.

Internship Contract Agreement Template

internship contract agreement that covers internship duties, supervision, compensation options, intellectual property ownership, confidentiality obligations.

Landscape Contract Agreement Template

landscape contract agreement that covers services provided, project schedule, compensation details, material responsibility, change order procedures.

Loan Agreement Template

loan agreement that covers loan amount, interest rate, repayment terms, late fees, prepayment options, use of funds, potential loan security.

Marketing Agreement Template

marketing agreement covers services provided, scope of work details, client responsibilities, compensation structure, term and termination clauses.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Agreement Template

MOU agreement purpose of collaboration, potential areas of cooperation, roles and responsibilities, term and termination clauses, confidentiality obligations.

Non-Completion Agreement Template

Non-Completion Agreement covers Legal enforceability of non-compete agreements varies by jurisdiction. key elements like definitions.


Non-compete agreement covers non-compete obligations, scope of prohibition, exceptions, confidentiality, consideration, enforceability, and more.

Payment Agreement Template

payment agreement covers services provided, payment terms (including total fee, payment schedule, and accepted methods), late fee policy, invoicing procedures.

Painting Agreement Template

painting agreement covers essential aspects like project details, scope of work, materials, schedule, payment terms, client and contractor.

Personal Training Contract Agreement Template

personal training contract services provided (assessment, program design, training sessions, etc.), scope of work (frequency, duration, location). etc

Photo Release Form Template

photo release form grants permission to use photographs, outlines representations and warranties, includes a release of liability, and establishes key legal ter

Property Management Agreement Template

property management agreement provides a comprehensive framework for both property owners and managers. It outlines key services, term and termination etc.

Referral Agreement Template

referral agreement outlines referral services, qualifying referrals, referral fees, payment terms, confidentiality, term and termination.

Remodeling Contract Agreement Template

Remodeling Contract Agreement outlines project details, contract price, payment schedule, change orders, project schedule, permits and inspections etc.

Residential Rent Agreement Template

residential rent agreement covers key elements like premises, term, rent, security deposit, use of premises, utilities, maintenance, access, pets, subletting.

Retainer Agreement Template

retainer agreement outlines the services provided, term, fees (including retainer fee and hourly rate), expenses, termination clauses, etc.

Roofing Contract Template

roofing contract outlines the scope of work, contract price, payment schedule, change orders, project schedule, permits and inspections, materials.

Sales Contract Template

sales contract outlines the products/services being sold, sales price, payment terms, delivery/performance details, inspection and acceptance procedures etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Contract Template

SEO contract outlines the SEO services provided, project goals, term, fees, reporting procedures, client responsibilities, disclaimers regarding ranking etc.

Service Provider Contract Template

service provider contract outlines the services provided, term, fees (including payment structure), expenses, independent contractor status, etc.

Subcontractor Agreement Template

Subcontractor Agreement outlines the subcontracted work, scope of work, term, subcontractor fee, insurance requirements, warranties and guarantees, etc.

Sublease Agreement Template

Sublease Agreement covers essential elements such as the subleased premises, term, rent, security deposit, utilities, permitted use, etc.

Video Production Proposal Template

Video Production Proposal covers key elements like understanding the client's needs, proposing a creative concept, outlining the production process.

Video Release Form Template

Video Release Form ensures you have the necessary rights to use likeness, voice, and performances captured in your video. It covers grant of rights, etc.

Web Design Agreement Template

web design agreement outlining project scope, services, client responsibilities, timelines, fees, revisions, intellectual property ownership, warranties etc.

Wedding Photography Agreement Template

Wedding Photography Agreement covers all the essential terms and conditions for wedding photography services, including payment terms, cancellation policy, etc.

Wedding Planner Contract Template

Wedding planner contract includes all the essential terms and conditions for providing wedding planning services, from payment terms to cancellation policies

Work for Hire Contract Template

Work for hire agreement covers all the essential terms and conditions for engaging independent contractors, including compensation, ownership of work product

Residential Cleaning Service Employee Contract Template

This Residential Cleaning Service Employee Agreement Template provides a strong foundation for hiring reliable and professional cleaning staff.

Business Plan Template

Get a head start! Our comprehensive Business Plan guides entrepreneurs & businesses. Download & customize for all industries!

Lease Agreement Template

This comprehensive lease agreement covers essential clauses for residential rentals. It protects both landlords and tenants with clear terms on rent,

Rental Agreement Template

Avoid legal headaches with our comprehensive rental agreement. Covers key areas like rent, security deposits, maintenance, and termination.

Email Signature Template

Craft a professional and compliant email signature with our template, featuring confidentiality notices, legal disclaimers, and data protection statements.

Proposal Template

Land a winning deal with this comprehensive proposal. Craft impactful proposals that showcase your expertise and secure client approval.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template

Streamline operations and ensure compliance with our SOP. Covering procedures, safety measures, legal compliance, and more.

Offer Letter Template

Attract and retain top talent with our free, best-in-class offer letter. covers everything you need: salary, benefits, start date, & more. Legally sound & easy

SWOT Analysis Template

Unleash the power of strategic planning with our SWOT analysis. Dominate your competition by identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats.

Business Proposal Template

Close deals faster with our, winning business proposal! Craft impactful proposals that showcase expertise & secure client approval.

SMART Goals Template

Achieve ANYTHING with our FREE SMART Goals! Set clear, measurable goals that guarantee success. Simple, customizable & effective.

Meeting Agenda Template

Never waste another minute in unproductive meetings! Best-Practice Meeting Agenda & keep your meetings focused & on-track.

Meeting Minutes Template

Streamline meetings & ensure clarity with our Best-Practice Meeting Minutes! Capture key decisions, assign clear action items, & boost.

Two Weeks' Notice Template

Leave your job the right way! Two Weeks' Notice ensures a smooth transition & professional communication. Maintain positive relationships & avoid liabilities.

Bill of Sale Template

Buy & sell with confidence! Bill of Sale protects you & ensures a smooth transaction. Documented proof of ownership & transfer.

Budget Plan - Take Control of Your Finances Template

Conquer your finances with Best-Practice Budget Plan! Track income & expenses, manage debt, & smash your savings goals.

Zipline Waiver Template

Shield your zipline business with our BEST-IN-CLASS Zipline Waiver! Protect yourself & ensure participant safety. Covers liability, medical disclosure & more.

Online Waiver Template

Streamline online waivers & protect your adventure business! This comprehensive waiver covers liability, medical disclosure & more.

Martial Arts Liability Waiver Template

Shield your martial arts school with our BEST-IN-CLASS Waiver! Protect yourself & ensure student safety. Covers injury, medical disclosure & more.

Minor Waiver Template

Shield your business & participating minors! Our BEST-IN-CLASS Minor Waiver covers injury, medical disclosure & more. Easy for parents, protects you.

Skydiving Waiver Template

Shield your skydiving business & ensure customer safety! Our TOP-RATED Waiver covers injury, equipment failure & more. Easy for participants, protects you.

Release of Liability Template

Streamline your waivers & protect your business! This customizable Release of Liability Waiver covers injury, medical disclosure & more. Easy for participants,

Free Massage Intake Forms Template

Craft a stellar first impression with our Massage Intake Form! Tailored for the market, it covers health history, preferences & more. Streamline your process.

Bike Rental Waiver Template

Shield your bike rental business & keep riders safe! This TOP-RATED Waiver covers injury, damage & more. Easy for renters, protects you.

RV Rental Contract Template

Streamline your RV rental business & protect yourself! This TOP-RATED Contract covers everything: rental terms, insurance, damage, & more.

Covid Liability Waiver Template

Shield your business from COVID-19 concerns! This TOP-RATED Waiver protects you & participants. Easy to understand, covers risks & legalities.

General Waiver Template

Safeguard your business with our TOP-RATED Release of Liability Waiver! Protects you from injury claims & ensures participant awareness of risks.

Tattoo Deposit Form Template

Lock in your dream tattoo with our secure Deposit Form! Tells you everything you need to know & protects both you & the artist. Easy to use, covers details.

Golf Cart Rental Form Template

Secure & Streamline your Golf Cart Rentals! This TOP-RATED Form covers everything: fees, rules, & a liability waiver.

Climbzone Waiver Template

Shield your ClimbZone with our TOP-RATED Waiver! Protects you & keeps climbers informed of risks. Covers injury, damage & more.

Massage Therapy Waiver Template

Secure trust & relaxation with our TOP-RATED Massage Waiver! Protects you & informs clients of benefits & risks. Covers allergies, communication & more.

Jet Ski Rental Waiver Template

Safeguard your Jet Ski business with our TOP-RATED Waiver! Protects you & informs renters of risks & rules. Covers injury, damage & more. Easy to understand.

Field Trip Waiver Form Template

Secure permission & protect your school trips! Our TOP-RATED Field Trip Waiver covers all the bases. Streamline approvals, inform parents & handle emergencies.

Equipment Rental Liability Waiver Template

Secure your rentals & shield your business with our TOP-RATED Equipment Rental Waiver! Informs renters of risks & covers injury, damage & more.

Spray Tan Wwaiver Template

Shield your spray tan business & inform clients! Our TOP-RATED Waiver covers risks & benefits. Avoid liability for allergies, uneven application & more.

Landowner Liability Waiver Template

Shield your property & have visitors enjoy it safely! Our TOP-RATED Landowner Waiver protects you from liability for injuries on your land. Covers risks.

Bounce House Waiver Template

Bounce with confidence! Our TOP-RATED Bounce House Waiver protects you & informs participants of risks. Covers injuries, supervision & more.

Launch Waiver Template

Shield your launch business & ensure participant safety! Our TOP-RATED Launch Waiver covers risks, medical conditions & more. Easy to understand, meets law

Fitness Trainer Liability Waiver Template

Secure your fitness business & empower clients! Our TOP-RATED Trainer Waiver covers risks, medical conditions & more. Easy to understand, meets the law.

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Security Services Template

Shield your business & assets! Our RFP Template gets you the BEST security services. Attract qualified vendors with a clear proposal structure.

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Cleaning Services Template

Spruce up your business with the BEST cleaning service! Our RFP Template gets you sparkling results. Attract top vendors with a clear structure.

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Waste Programs Template

Ditch the waste & embrace sustainability! Our RFP Template finds the BEST waste management partner. Reduce waste, boost recycling & go green.

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Landscaping Project Services Template

Transform your landscape! Our RFP Template finds the BEST landscaping service. Attract top designers with a clear project outline.

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Landscaping Maintenance Services Template

Spruce up your property year-round! Our RFP Template finds the BEST landscaping maintenance service. Attract top crews with a clear service outline.

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Construction Equipment Rentals Template

Rent the BEST equipment for your construction project! Our RFP Template gets you top-rated rentals. Attract reliable vendors with a clear project outline.

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Construction Site Office Rentals Template

Build a productive HQ on your construction site! Our RFP Template finds the BEST site office rentals. Attract top suppliers with a clear project outline.

Press Release Template

Craft impactful press releases! Attract media attention with our SEO-friendly format. Tailored with your needs.

Volunteer Waiver Template

Protect your non-profit & volunteers! Our free volunteer waiver simplifies legalities & streamlines volunteer onboarding.